Evansville Yard Sales Help

Website Use Instructions

To submit a yard sale, use the form here. You'll want to put in the first day of your yard/garage sale, the last day of the sale, as well as the beginning and end time of each sale day.

If you are doing different hours each day, submit your address with the start and end date being that one day, then submit again for the other days.

For example: If you are hosting a yard sale on Friday and Saturday, but you will start earlier on the Saturday, then put in two separate submissions. Such as:

  • Friday 9am to 3pm

  • Saturday 7am to 12pm

If you put in a submission, but need to make changes or remove, we don't have a mechanism for that currently. Be sure you submit the form accurately. For extenuating circumstances, use the form below.

If you need help with this site, want to provide feedback, or would like to contact for other reasons, please use the form below.